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    Content provided and updated by Kyivstar GSM staff

    [The work is in the museum]

    Problem: Create a new design, streamline the structure and simplify the navigation of the website.

    The users of the Ukrainian mobile telecommunications network Kyivstar GSM have the opportunity to download ringtones, images, logos, postcards, anecdotes, games, currency rates and weather forecasts to their cell phones.

    Main page

    Three mouse clicks at most take the user to any desired logo, ringtone or game (of which there are thousands on the website).

    The design of website templates was ordered by Kyivstar GSM, a mobile operator.

    Release date: October 20 2005


    art director
    Anton Yarusov
    Mikhail Paschenko
    Oleg Tischenkov
    Stepan Sukharyna
    Nikolay Zavada
    Anna Kalmykova
    Elena Avramenko

    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Maria Apanovich and Kyivstar employees for their participation in the work on the project.

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