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    Overview   Process  

    Task: to build an interactive gallery of artwork by A. Labas

    Alexander Labas (1900–1983) was possessed with motion. In this app the artists’ favorite characters—people and machines—interact with each other while exploring a variety of spaces organized by categories, such as “riding,” “flying,” and “traveling by water.”

    labas 1
    All paintings are carefully framed

    You can enjoy each piece in full-screen view, which also brings up a classic museum tag.

    labas 2
    “First engine from Turksib” from the State Tretyakov Gallery
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    Release date: November 10 2011


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Mikhail Miroshnikov
    Vitaly Voynov
    secret advisor
    Aleksey Kuznetsov
    Anna Martinevskaya
    project managers
    Anna Gert
    Maksim Kupriyanov
    Vera Dorofeeva

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