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Lanyardus 1.0

Task: to design straps for carrying valuable things.

Lanyardus is a colorful, durable lanyard used to keep keycards, badges, wallets or keys close at hand at all times.

It can be easily worn around your neck, on the waist or anywhere else, even attached to your backpack, keeping important items from getting lost and holding them securely in place.

lanyardus photo 01

Lanyardus comes with one or two carabiners. The version with two carabiners works well for wide badges or for attaching twice as many useful things.

lanyardus sokrovischa
lanyardus monpasie
Chicory in fruit drops
lanyardus medov
Honey chicory
lanyardus dvory
lanyardus coffee
Coffee grove in rowanberry
lanyardus photo 02

Each Lanyardus looks great thanks to the original patterns that make it very special and suitable for any style, mood and owner.

lanyardus photo 03

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