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    [The website is in the museum]

    This is a double surrealistic website. You enter to meet scared eyes of an elf entangled by the folds of a dream, then watch the cursor fly over the map of hyperpaths like an electric bee and land on one of the sections links. The colors are blurred, the light is dimmed. And along with the banging hammer sing the unseen birds.

    Attractive European design

    Katya Leonovich presents new 2000–2001 Fall/Winter collection called “Minus a Day” consisting of 28 dresses. It brings together synthetic materials, silk, sticky tape, tulle, artificial fur and colored glass. The site features smoothly flowing colors and ripped-edge photographs.

    Release date: January 23 2001


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    design, flash
    Oleg Paschenko
    Andreyka Lechev
    Evgeny Ginzburg
    Sergey Safronov
    Denis Shokhin
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