New design for Russian license plates

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to create a universal and long-term format for state vehicle registration plates that will be loved by people.

A new format of Russian license plates was developed at Art. Lebedev Studio. Beautiful and informative plates make their owners proud: any letters with the exception of the region code can be chosen by the driver.



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The previous format had a slew of significant shortcomings including low informational value and constant need to create new region codes (aboveto the left are Moscow region codes accumulated over the years)
The proposed coding system will provide sufficient numbering for the next 100 years offering over 4,5 billion combinations.
1700 экземпляров Войны и мира
Number of symbols on new plates is roughly the same as the number of symbols in 10 750 copies of War and Peace
от Земли до Луны
If one were to lay all the license plates in a row, they would cover the distance from the Earth to the Moon six times over
Табличек с запасом
There are enough combinations to register each vehicle in Russia 80 times
The current license plates assume guessing the region by its number code, which requires remembering all the codes.

The region on the new license plates is designated by a clear abbreviation and a beautiful coat of arms. Patriotism and mnemonics.

The twelve symbols of the old numbering scheme that were chosen based on their similarity with Latin letters can be successfully replaced with 17 letters of the Latin alphabet increasing the number of possible combinations.
The number and letter pairs can be easily memorized and pronounced in Russian, in English or using a phonetic alphabet.

The characters were chosen to make sure they cannot be confused with each other. Es, tse or see is the same letter C, and none of that “like the Russian C” nonsense. The letter Y can read as /waɪ/ or /juː/, but there is nothing to confuse it with, as the letter U is not used.
—Attention all units, I’m in pursuit of a red BMW, license plate three, four, T, A, N, K
—Your taxi is waiting. The registration number is 3, 4, T, A, N, K
—Owner of the vehicle with license plate three, four, Tatyana, Alexei, Nikolay, Konstantin, please come to the parking lot
Old symbols could be easily manipulated by adding strokes to existing glyphs.
The specially created typeface for new plates contains a variety of details that make similar symbols very different. Making changes to them is much harder now.
The new formats work for all categories of vehicles. license plates maintain traditional color coding and can be easily seen from a distance.
licence plates boy
licence plates priest
licence plates hunter
licence plates trucker
licence plates girl

Soon on a road near you!

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