• Industrial design
  • Liquidrink 150 thermos mug

    Liquidrink 150 thermos mug is designed to hold 0.5 liter (18 oz.) of non-alcoholic drinks for people spending much time driving.

    Its base is made to fit a car cup holder (which in fact was meant to hold a standard 12 oz. aluminum can), and you can either sip your drink or put a straw through the hole in the lid.

    Patented in the USA. The mugs are produced and sold (under the Apollo trademark) by CDI International, an American company.

    Release date: May 13 2004


    Artemy Lebedev
    Evgeny Maslov
    Oksana Grivina
    Vladimir Sinelnikov
    Nikolay Vershinin
    Ekaterina Berezy

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