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  • The making of the LiveJournal templates

    Overview   Process   Prototype  

    Putting together a list of pages.

    livejournal process 01

    Working on the main menu.

    Re-creating posting page.

    Seeking a better way to organize entry and comments page.

    Reorganizing photo handling. Developing tags usage to replace photo albums.

    Overcomplicated. Simplifying.

    Cleaning up messages system.

    livejournal process 07

    Moving on to friends list. Bringing all friends managing tools to one page.

    livejournal process 08

    Making entries managing nice and easy.

    livejournal process 09

    Collecting ideas on improving stats presentation.

    livejournal process 10

    Rethinking account settings.

    livejournal process 11

    Creating a new process for inserting images in entries and comments.

    Improving a pop-up window.

    Order a design...