• Graphic design
  • The making of the M-Moving logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: M-Moving is a new moving company in Moscow with its own fleet of vehicles specializing in business and residential relocation of the highest professional level. Among the additional services offered is the sale of packaging materials and warehouse storage. Our target audience includes well-off Moscow residents and companies who require relocation and are ready to pay for professional services. The company is brand new but the founder has many years of moving experience in the USA. We are also planning to create our own Center of Mover Education and Certification in Moscow. Development vectors: 1) aggregator of moving services, lead sales 2) a franchise for truck owners.

    We would really like to see the letter M on the logo, the letter that symbolizes our main difference from the competition: we are providing comprehensive Moving services, not a man and a van. The company name is M-Moving. The slogan is “M means Moving.” We work for those who don’t want to trust their possessions to a guy with a truck and are ready to hire professionals that will carefully pack and move all their valuables.

    Getting started.

    m moving process 01

    Art director: All designs need to make it clear: M—Moving. With a proper dash.

    m moving process 02

    Art director: This is Dropbox, we need something else.

    Second designer: Moving forward.

    m moving process 03
    m moving process 04

    Art director: A bit weak right now.

    m moving process 05

    Art director: 18 is better but not what we’re looking for.

    Second designer: Also considered an idea with an arrow.

    m moving process 06

    Art director: Nice, but not what we need.

    Third designer:

    m moving process 07

    Art director: What if you play with the cube in 5? Maybe move it somewhere? But draw it first.

    m moving process 08
    m moving process 09

    Third designer: Or maybe not draw the top edge at all, just hint at it.

    m moving process 10

    Art director: 18 is nice. Why is the cube coming not out of its garage but one of the legs?

    Third designer: That was me trying to improve the edge effect. Maybe rotate the perspective to one side? I don’t like that it all looks like a bunch of arrows pointing down.

    m moving process 11

    Art director: 21. Try to put the letter to the right of the company’s name. And draw the movement trajectory.

    Third designer: I’m not too sure.

    m moving process 12

    Art director: Yeah. But we can look for a way to make it work.

    m moving process 13

    Art director: This is better. Although a softer trajectory would work better. And make it move in an arc.

    m moving process 14

    First designer:

    m moving process 15

    Art director: Not bad, but lacks movement.

    m moving process 16

    Art director: 12 is nice. You just need to find better colors so it doesn’t look like the flag of Germany. Other color variations can be used in their identity.

    m moving process 17

    Art director: 121.

    m moving process 18

    Art director: Where did это come from?

    m moving process 19

    Art director: The geometry needs to be a bit more fresh.

    m moving process 20

    Art director: OK.