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The Made in Russia graphic element (mark) is a work of design protected by the Russian and international legislation.

Art. Lebedev Studio which has exclusive rights to the Made in Russia graphic element, grants anyone who downloaded the graphic element from this page the right to use it for any purpose under an open license as interpreted by Article 1286.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

From the moment of gaining access to the Made in Russia graphic element, the user (hereinafter, the Licensee) fully accepts the terms of this non-exclusive license in the form of a public offer, as follows:

— The Licensee has the right to use the graphic element at no cost for promotion of products made in the Russian Federation in any of the following ways: reproducing the graphic element on any material media, publicly displaying the graphic element, importing products with the graphic element applied on them, broadcasting the graphic element on air, transmitting the graphic element through cable, bringing the graphic element to the attention of the public.

— No modification of the graphic element is allowed, including changing proportions of the graphic element or using only a part of the graphic element.

— The Licensee has the right to use the graphic element during the entire period of copyright protection of the graphic element (at a minimum, for the next 70 years).

— When using the graphic element, the Licensee has the right not to specify the authors of the graphic element (anonymous use).

— This offer is valid throughout the world.

— This offer will not be revoked by Art. Lebedev Studio during the entire period of copyright protection of the graphic element.

— Including the graphic element or its parts into means of individualization or industrial samples is allowed only with written consent of Art. Lebedev Studio.

— Reproduction of the graphic element or its other use in the Licensee’s activities grants Art. Lebedev Studio the right to provide information coverage of that fact including the right to publish information about the Licensee, the Licensee’s means of individualization, products, work or services, including but not limited to the websites located at and This information coverage may include use of product images with the graphic element applied.

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