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    Task: to develop a logo for a collection of assorted crossword publications.

    Burda publishing house produces a number of crossword magazines in Russia including “Lisa. Crosswords,” “Babushkin Compote,” “Lyod Tronulsya!,” “Reshi Dlya Dushi,” “Razgaday!,” “Labirint Krossvordov,” “Lisa. Keyvordy.” This is an ever-growing family of publications, so an umbrella branding was a natural choice. The unifying logo was designed in our studio.

    magia slov logo
    The logo features QR code pointing to the crossword publications website

    Colorful backgrounds bring out the logo nicely, making it artful and universal at the same time.

    Release date: October 11 2012


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    magia slov options
    Possible color variations are beyond countable

    No matter how bright and busy is the cover, a contrasting logo stands out proudly.

    magia slov in use
    A yellow frame serves as an extra marker

    This way, all covers wear a recognizable logo without unnecessarily complicating the typesetting process.

    magia slov promo

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