Utility knife Maketikus

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Task: to make a wide-application utility cutting tool.

Ergonomics are the basis of the Maketikus utility knife, making it superbly comfortable to use in any position. Its complex, multi-faceted body allows you to work with your hand “floating” or supported.

Your hand moves naturally and freely in any position.

The plastic body is resistant to acetone and other organic solvents.

Release date: September 19 2011


art director and designer
industrial designers
color designer
project manager

Metal guides reinforce the blade
improving its overall stability and accuracy

A special stopper
automatically locks
exposed blade

The retractable mechanism
allows you to control
blade length with
sharp precision

The blade is made of laser-treated
stainless steel
so no sharpening needed

Ripe olive color looks pleasant
while keeping the knife
from getting lost
among other tools

The knife weights 100 g (0.22 lb.)
and feels comfortably heavy

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