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    [This work is in the museum]

    Problem: Design a website for mommies.

    Mama.Ru is a website and online community for soon-to-be and well-experienced parents. We created website templates for its main sections.

    mama ru logo
    Logo in the family way
    mama ru 1main
    Front page with popular topics, articles and expert advice

    The website provides info on pregnancy, giving birth and upbringing.

    mama ru 2cub
    Page on artificial feeding

    Registered moms have individual accounts where they can add friends, store the articles they appreciate, share photos, etc.

    mama ru 3expert
    Personal page of an expert mom

    Mama.Ru offers an easy and convenient way for parents to mix with each other and share their experience.

    mama ru 4community
    Young mommies community page

    Release date: March 04 2010


    art director 1 & designer
    Roma Voronezhsky
    art director 2
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    type designer
    Elena Novoselova
    Denis Shokhin

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