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§ 149. Achieving tasks

July 8, 2008

The author believes that design is about achieving tasks, not about creating things. If a designer thinks that design means making it look nice, he/she simply fails to see the purpose of the work. Customers are allowed to have a different opinion. It’s because in some cases to make it look nice is the very task.

It is understood that every design studio sets a level of intrusion from outside they are ready to accept. There are lots of designers who complain, feel choked and get sick of their clients, but continue to put up with obnoxious people and outrageous requirements. Designers of another sort do their work as they please in total disregard for clients’ needs. It is useful to remind ourselves here that any relations should be based on mutual attention and willingness to find compromises.

The author practices a very simple approach to his work—design is not something to discuss, it is created to fulfil the task. The only thing that can be discussed is whether the task has or has not been achieved.

You can find a paragraph on the Studio page at where it says: “We work to find the most simple, elegant and convenient solution to any problem without losing the purport.” And each work in the portfolio is described with the design task announced first.

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The majority of tasks are suprisingly easy—you just take it on and get it done. Here is an example: The author often receives letters from young designers asking to give them a design test, so that they could demonstrate their skills. The author always suggests the same thing: “Think of a challenge for yourself and go for it.” A capable (i.e. able to find good solutions) designer would show up with a bunch of excellent designs. Where does one get those? He/she makes them. How do you make them? You start with something simple, like designing whatever there is in your fridge. And what if it’s empty? Then you take a pencil and draw stuff. Well, what if you don’t have a pencil? You take it from here.

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