• Graphic design
  • Making of the Marco Mobili print ad

    Overview   Process  


    “We can’t show our best works, because our clients are afraid their neighbors might order the same furniture.”

    “Your order, sir.”

    “Each call counts. Contact us to order classic furniture.”

    “Good furniture doesn’t just fall from above.”

    “This is no salon. This is a high-class furniture manufacturing shop.”

    “No toying around with furniture.”

    “We’ll cut and assemble it for you.”

    “Cherry or hazelnut?”

    “Salon Salon Salon... We are not that. We manufacture furniture ourselves with Italian technologies.”

    “Ad showing custom case furniture encouraging to order from Marco Mobili.”

    “Italian furniture manufacture in downtown Moscow.”
    “No freaking way!”

    “Summer or winter, not a splinter.”

    Two concepts approved: ‘missing’ furniture, and human individualistic desires. The latter, saying: “I want a kitchen like Peter’s,” selected to continue with.

    Trying different rooms, bubble designs and wordings.

    Kitchen version, shown and rejected by the client.

    Second try, different approach. Furniture sketch on thick gold paper. Rejected by the client.

    Generating more ideas.

    “We make furniture that’s not just like someone else’s, it’s better.”

    “Exactly what you wanted”

    Typing ‘order furniture’...
    “Your search is over”

    “With a personal furniture manufacturer, an architect has more free time”

    Found a nice slogan.

    “Things you can’t buy, you can make”

    Creating suited images. “If furniture can’t be bought, it can be made.” Illustrations showing non-existent pieces.

    Searching through various shapes.

    The client accepted the idea choosing the U-shape for the final design.

    Black and white versions. The client approved the white one.

    Furniture sketches. Starting simple, growing elaborate.

    Drawing the cabinet using Illustrator.

    Drawing everything else using Photoshop.

    Adding depth, fixing the fish tank and lights, making the lighting look more real.

    The fish tank still not good enough. Fixing it and opening one of the bottom drawers.

    Replacing the contents.

    The client requested a different slogan.

    “Everything they show in Milan, we can manufacture in Moscow”

    Order a design...