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  • The making of the pattern for MBE Saint Petersburg

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    Having a look at the brief and the corporate colors.

    mbe process 01

    The illustrator decides that something else might work better than a pattern in this case. Thinking about Saint Petersburg.

    mbe process 02

    But nothing seems to come out of it. Trying out the works of famous artists and designers, both past and present.

    mbe process 03

    Demonstrating three concepts to the art director: an illustrative map, an illustration and abstract geometry.

    mbe process 04

    The art director likes the latter. Taking the corporate colors and with the help of the designer trying to distance from the wonderful foreign corporate style.

    mbe process 05
    mbe process 07
    mbe process 08

    Simultaneously still trying to make a pattern, applying a nice and simple one by Athos Bulcão on a car to see how it might look.

    mbe process 09

    Cool! Getting inspired by the tiles and taking into account the company’s sphere of business. Rotating and scaling an envelope in every way possible.

    mbe process 10
    mbe process 11

    The art director and the client both like the result. Assembling the elements into a structure and trying to move away from bow-ties, while inserting the corporate stripe pattern every once in a while.

    mbe process 13
    mbe process 14
    mbe process 15
    mbe process 16

    The client approves the result, but asks to reflect the core services of the company in the pattern: shipment, printing (business cards), office supplies, PO Box rental. Oh wow. Asking the designer to take all this into account and make another sketch. Despite everything, it still comes out abstract.

    mbe process 17
    mbe process 18
    mbe process 19

    Meanwhile, the client gets used to and falls in love with the first pattern. And asks us to give it to him as a pattern to use on packaging and everything else. Hooray! Trying out the pattern coupled with a logo on a car and giving the files to the client.

    mbe process 20

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