“Yuri Bashmet’s Dream Station” jubilee concert website

In January 2003 Yuri Bashmet, a prominent contemporary musician and an outstanding artist of our time, turned 50. It is thanks to his art that viola, earlier considered as a purely orchestral instrument, moved to the foreground of modern concert performance.

The website was designed in a jubilee concert style

Yuri Bashmet was the first to play solo viola concerts in the world’s best concert halls. There’s hardly any renowned conductor, soloist or orchestra of the present that haven’t played with Yuri Bashmet at least once. Modern composers wrote especially for Bashmet or dedicated to him 50 viola concerts and other pieces.

The website bashmet.mdmbank.ru is opening on the anniversary of the great artist, and he will perform the “Yuri Bashmet’s Dream Station” concert in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire alongside with the world’s stars of the classic performance art.

The website features the full discography of the musician as well as information on the Soloists of Moscow orchestra and the Bashmet Fund.

The website was ordered by MDM Bank.

Release date: January 24 2003


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