MDM Bank “Do You Buy It or Not?” promotion campaign

Problem: Raffle off travel packages to new credit card holders.

Participants of MDM Bank’s promotion event to be held in a Moscow shopping center apply for a credit card, pick one of 10 cities of the world, get a quiz with 15 facts, and tick those which they believe are true.


For example:

in Champs-Elysées you can see the mosaic portrait of Lenin,,

Prince Charles has been the honorary member of the Fishmongers Guild since his birth,,

the flag of Amsterdam features three Latin letters X—the international symbol of pornography,,

not long ago in India elephant owners were required to provide the animals with reflectors in order to diminish the risk of road accidents at nighttime,,

Finnish champagne is made from currant and gooseberries,,

the Larnaka city football stadium was named after Zeno, the founder of Stoicism.

Educated customers get free air tickets to the city they chose.

Tricky questions—tricky images

The studio proposed the idea and rules of the event, compiled 150 questions for 10 cities, designed the flyer and quiz form layouts, created the design of the bank’s stand and the advertising video to be played at a shopping center.

Release date: June 05 2006


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