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MDM-Bank Credit Lines website

 [The project is in the museum]

Problem. Render clients perfect assistance in choosing a credit.

MDM-Bank offers a special line of credits for small and medium businesses. The purpose of informing potential clients of credit term and answering the most frequently asked questions required a separate website.

Businessmen are ready to go

The coolest thing on the site is a credit calculator in characters. Having specified the conditions, a visitor gets acquainted with people who applied for credit in circumstances similar to his own. This allows clients to choose what suits them best.

The winner at the finish line is a benchmark for the client

Release date: November 26 2007


art director
beta tester

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Tatyana Levagina, Daria Nizovtseva and Maria Ladusane for their contribution to the project.

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