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    Medicina website

    [The work is in the museum]

    Medicina is an established Moscow medical center.

    The site contains hundreds of pages of useful information accompanied by images, photographs and clips. It tells visitors everything about the center, its staff, equipment, services and what not.

    Flash chart helps visitors to identify what is worrying them and choose a specialist to consult

    It is a well thought out resource with clean layout and convenient double navigation that can never allow you to get lost or cause you headache.

    Here you can meet all the doctors and read their biographies.

    Now we know who these famous extra arms and legs belong to—there is a woman behind

    Registered user can ask specialists any questions, which are to be published on separate pages for personal viewing.

    The site features 24 hour appointment service synchronized with the internal database. All-week schedule is always available and submitted requests instantly processed.

    Encyclopaedia section comprises relevant desease information and normal health parameters.

    Release date: July 31 2001


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