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• Overview
to make a website for an online store.

The Russian Honey is a wholesaler of over 280 types of honey: from the classic buckwheat honey to the Manchuria Linden and the Mango Honeymix.

We created a bold and beautiful website with a whole lot of delicious photos and videos.

Main page

The website has two main objectives: to tell the customers that that the honey is sold wholesale, and that there is a whole bunch of sorts of honey to choose from.

The first task is realized in a kind of bold way: in the header, there is an arresting title: Honey Wholesale. The gigantic size of letters prevents the customers from ill-considered questions like:

— Where can I buy a can of your buckwheat honey?

— Sorry, honey, it’s only sold in boxes.

The huge selection of honey products is illustrated with an arrangement of containers filled with honey of different textures, tastes and colors fading away into eternity.

The catalogue is designed with particular love and attention. For each page, a picturesque video presentation representing one of the products was created. The Creamed Honey section is illustrated with thick white honey streams flowing from a honey dipper. The Associated Products page features thistle seeds that are poured down into a bowl.

Classic honey

For information pieces (facts about the company, honey and its healthy properties) a set of animated icons was designed.

Product page

Each product page contains the information that allows the customer to feel the taste of the product right on the site. The honey is pictured in cube containers, on the spoon and in detail, so that the user is able to examine the composition, color and texture of the product.

Product page

Our photographer has made an amazing job of making pictures of around three hundred types of honey including those that are most difficult to showcase.

The company page is illustrated with the products from the catalogue.

About the company

All information pages touch upon the honey theme in some way or another. In the Cooperation section there are honey containers, and on the Contacts page there is a map which looks like a stream of honey slowly melting down from a spoon.

For suppliers and retailers
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