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    to show additional features of a rewards card.

    Slogans and billboards for new programs for Megacard holders were developed at the studio.

    mega megacard bonus rublu
    Bonus point equivalent

    mega megacard bonus poballuite sebya
    Purpose of the points

    Megacard can be used as a regular debit or credit card.

    mega megacard bonus god bonusov 01
    mega megacard bonus god bonusov 02
    Text and illustrated reminder about yearly service fees

    Getting a card is easy: submit an application at a registration desk in any Mega and wait for a while.

    mega megacard bonus skoro budu gotova 01
    mega megacard bonus skoro budu gotova 02
    The illustrated version presents the card in a typically female form, while the text ersion is manly laconic

    After the billboards were developed, a guide on creating advertising materials was assembled. Now every store will adhere to common principles of advertising poster appearance.

    mega megacard bonus guidelines colors
    Description of corporate colors

    mega megacard bonus guidelines borders
    Principles of frame design

    mega megacard bonus guidelines billboard
    Grid for facade billboards

    Release date: December 05 2012


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    art director
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