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Interface design for Megaplan online business management system

Problem. Create an interface for a business management system.

Megaplan is a business management system suitable for various small and medium-sized businesses.

Any business is about decision making. To make a decision, company management need to define the task, deadline dates and people in charge. That is why a& major part of Megaplan is Task Manager, a convenient tool for setting tasks and controlling progress.

Task Manager includes three modules: Tasks, Employees, and Messages.

With Tasks you only need to fill in a couple of fields to charge any employee with a task. The supervising manager can follow and control task progress having logged in on any computer connected to the Internet.

Tasks module

The task defining form has only two obligatory fields: Task Name and Person in Charge. And other conditions—deadline dates, importance, bonus pays, etc.—are available for option.

A list of tasks gives you an instant idea of the number of tasks and their status

As tasks are being executed, explanations, comments and progress reports can be added

The Employees module contains personal employee info (from shoe size to salary amount). Complete staff hierarchy is represented in a chart.

Company organizational chart
Vacation chart may be presented either in graphic form, or as a table
Employee information

Messages is an inside e-mail system enabling fast and easy information exchange. It features automatic task-related notifications and allows regular e-mailing. Among the options are simple-format messages such as a report request or a question with  predefined answers (for instance, yes/no).

Incoming messages

Release date: March 17 2008


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