Meshchersky Park identity

Task: to design an identity for a park.

Meshchersky Park is located near the southwest border of Moscow, not far from Peredelkino where the museums of Chukovsky and Pasternak are located. The park is great for going on walks and doing sports: it has cycling, jogging and skiing trails and workout areas. An identity that tells about the park and reminds about its features was created in the studio.

At the core of the identity is a simple idea of going on a walk in the trees. It doesn’t matter if you walk, take a book with you, go on a run, on a bike ride or a ski run—as long as it feels good.

mesherskiy man2
mesherskiy stella3

Meshchersky Park is an consolidation of territories and initiatives. It already includes the Skolkovo and Peredelkino parks. A series of cycling routes will extend it to Ruza and beyond.

mesherskiy gray2
mesherskiy bicycle2

An important element of the identity are pathways that permeate the image, inviting for a picturesque walk.

mesherskiy badge2
mesherskiy phone2
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