Rzhevskaya Metro station design concept

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to develop a design concept for a Moscow Metro station.

The Moscow Metro is rapidly growing. The Third Transfer Contour that is actively constructed will join together the radial lines outside the Circle line and make trips between Moscow’s remote areas much shorter. As part of an open contest, a sketch of the architectural design of Rzhevskaya station was developed at the studio.

rzhevskaya string

Rzhevskaya is the closest Third Transfer Contour station to the Kremlin. Its massive monumental pillars bring images of Moscow and Rzhev to mind. The color solution echoes the appearance of Rijskaya station which will have a transfer to Rzhevskaya.

rzhevskaya interchange

Broken lines of light fixtures, geometric pattern on the floor and smooth shapes of pillars give the station a modern energetic look.

rzhevskaya lighting
The unusual lighting system makes the station’s space bright and memorable

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