Future Science Metro train

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to design a train about science.

Russia and Great Britain devoted the year 2017 to the development and strengthening of scientific and educational cooperation between the countries. As part of the project, the British Council and the Moscow Metro launched a themed train introducing passengers to great Russian and British scientists, their accomplishments, the achievements of humanity to this day and the direction science is taking for the future. The train evokes a genuine interest in science and inspires discovery. Of course, the task of designing the train was given to the studio.

The Future Science train is made of five cars and runs on the Circle Line. Each car has a separate theme.


Nature and ecology



Robots and machines

A futuristic white train exits the tunnel. From the front it looks like a transformer, on the sides it is decorated with three-dimensional shapes created by thin lines. Up close one can only see the stripes, but stepping back just a little reveals portraits of famous scientists. A passenger runs to the train: oh, but it’s Ada Lovelace! (the first programmer, daughter of the poet Byron).

Covering the linear pattern are bright 3D illustrations alluding at certain scientific areas. The drawings are not specific, just as the scientific future itself: as soon as it acquires concrete features, it ceases to become the future and becomes the present.

Inside the cars, passengers can get completely immersed in the scientific world. There is a variety of interesting trivia on the walls as well as bright illustrations and contour drawings of real achievements: there is a companion robot, a nuclear battery, a bionic hand. You want to walk the train from head to tail to read and examine everything carefully.

Scientific achievements truly impress: defibrillator drones fly to the scene of an accident, people communicate with the power of thought, invisible armor allows to hide from the enemy, glowing chickens save from diseases, the clothes of the future change color depending on the owner’s mood. The trip on the Circle Line is now a fascinating ride that gives a lot to talk about with friends. Just make sure you don’t miss your stop.

Photo spots are located in end cars. The robot from the future gently embraces passengers and makes bunny ears. In the background is a distant planet, a space probe and the TARDIS police box flying through time and space—everything from the best Russian and British visions of the future.

metro science selfie

The project was implemented as part of the UK-Russia Year of Science and Education.