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  • Meydan radio station corporate identity

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    Task: to make a corporate identity with a distinctive folk flavor.

    Meydan radio station broadcasts from Crimea in Crimean Tatar language, Ukrainian, and Russian and is aiming at extending its reach to all territories inhabited by Crimean Tatars.

    meydan ru logo
    The logo is dressed in a traditional Tatar folk pattern
    meydan logo
    The logo in English

    Release date: August 02 2011


    art director
    type designer
    project managers
    Anastasia Olkhovskaya
    Polina Kamenshchikova
    meydan brandbook strip
    Style guide spread on the decorative ribbon pattern
    meydan pattern
    Signature pattern fragment
    meydan brandbook cards
    Style guide spread on business card layout
    meydan gradient
    Signature palette embraces a range of hues from the Sky to the Sun
    meydan brandbook documents
    Style guide spread on corporate stationery
    meydan m
    On Meydan’s frequency

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