Microsoft Mauvais Ton Chart

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Problem: Arouse PC users’ conscience.

It’s a commonly known fact that Microsoft takes sustained efforts to fight against pirates. This time we are trying to show that piracy takes its roots in the worst aspects of human nature: avarice, hypocrisy, and even gluttony, to name just a few. All of these vices are represented in their diversity on the Mauvais Ton Chart website that was created to support Microsoft’s new campaign.

A truly righteous man walks the path of using only legal software. And don’t sneer

The website features the rating of ill acts. Visitors are suggested voting for the three of those they believe are the most aversive, and giving examples from their life experience. The winner who is chosen based on the results of the vote should guess the most “popular” sin, provide a convincing description of it, and prove that using pirate software is unacceptable. The portrait of the winner and his or her exhortation are monthly published on the main page of the website.

Release date: December 09 2005


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