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Problem: Microsoft has expended much effort fighting pirates and encouraging the use of licensed software. This time the company once again brings up the issue of the necessity to use legal computer programs, and at the same time takes a step closer to its products consumers in an attempt to find out what they think about pirates and the problem of intellectual property.

To meet this challenge in a graceful and delicate way and have fun, we decided to hold a literary contest on Microsoft website.

Software users are advised to follow the example of Russian literary classics who never cribbed lines from their peers

Contest participants are suggested writing a composition about the software they have fairly bought, and answer a few questions in passing. The authors of the best compositions will get mp3 players with a hundred legal music pieces thrown in as a reward.

In creating their literary masterpieces, filling in the questionnaire and answering questions, website visitors will find further proofs that using licensed software is totally in their best interest and learn what Russian classics had to say about it.

Release date: September 21 2005


author and art director
designer and illustrator

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Katya Gromova (Microsoft) for her audacity.

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