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to design a website of a microcredit service.

Mili specializes in issuing microloans to customers. All that’s needed to quickly borrow money is a passport and an account in a social network. A website with information on ways to get money, steps to apply for a loan and rules of paying it back was created for the company at the studio. Clear explanations make sure visitors have no false preconceptions, while a brief application form helps make the first step towards a loan.

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All the users need to do is read the instructions and fill out a form

Live statistics of issued loans is displayed on the main page.

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Visual representation of the service’s speed

The website features a brief application form and immediate updates on the status of application. Once an application is approved, the client receives information on getting the money and ways to pay back the loan.

mili my end
A matter of 30 minutes

Payments can be made via self-service terminals and on the website. In case a client falls behind on their payments, they will receive a reminder with information on the amount of money owed, a possibility of an extension and even suggestions to find a job.

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Personal credit history