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The making of the Millimetrus 2.0 grid note paper

Overview   Packaging   Process   Test Drive  

Getting the new box dimensions from a packaging designer.

millimetrus2 process 01

Laying it out.

millimetrus2 process 02

Drawing QR code and crafting scripts in Artemius hand.

millimetrus2 process 03

Entering the data: number of sheets, the studio’s name and web address, and Russian credits.

millimetrus2 process 04

Checking the color test results and making some adjustments: perfecting the image of note paper and separating the colors.

millimetrus2 process 05

Sending the full-color logo home and bringing a couple of sheets from the previous version back. Just to be sure, running the whole thing through Photoshop one more time, fixing distortions and compensating for the glowing corners.

millimetrus2 process 06

Order a design...