Moscow International Medical Cluster logo and corporate identity

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to create a logo and a corporate identity for the largest medical project in Russia.

Moscow International Medical Cluster is a non-profit platform founded by the Moscow Government and designed to bring together leading medical clinics, educational and scientific organizations from across the world. With member companies working in various industries, the cluster creates a professional environment with truly unlimited possibilities. The platforms provides opportunity for interaction between Russian and foreign healthcare professionals and promotes the development of Russian health system. A logo and a corporate identity for the cluster emphasizing the wide range and international reach of its activities were created at the studio.

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and  versions of the logo

The logo is based on the combination of a geometric structure made of the cross and the text and an abstract color stain. The cross, a traditional symbol of medicine, and the strict text represent the cluster’s serious intentions and technological advancement. The abstract shape of the stain symbolizes the diversity and constant development of the cluster’s activities: its specializations are constantly evolving have no defined boundaries.

The cluster’s main focus areas—medicine, education and science—received their own versions of the logo with stains of different shapes and colors. This principle allows to create additional variants of the logo for new specializations

The color element of the logo was used to create a dynamic corporate identity. Color stains of different shapes are overlaid on top of a solid background to create signature gradients. Cluster’s branded media can be designed in a hundred of different all while remaining recognizable.

Fuchsia-colored gradients are placed on dark blue and yellow backgrounds to obtain corporate color schemes. The calm and bright gamma allows to create both everyday and non-standard materials equally easily, including documents, conference accessories, postcards and so on.

A special stroke version of the logo was created for embossing or foil stamping

The strict single-color badges are designed for serious events, while the bright two-color ones can be used at celebrations

Rules for the use of the logo, typefaces, colors and modifications of the color element are assembled in a guide.

Additional versions of the logo
Favicon and minimal sizes
Color stains
Corporate colors
Logo alignment

The style’s strictness and visibility provide wide opportunities for designing professional, advertising and souvenir products. The media looks scientifically serious yet modern and lively.

art director

  • Еrken Kagarov


  • Evgeny Zorin

chief typesetter

  • Iskander Mukhamadeev


  • Nikita Davydov
  • Yaroslav Bondarenko

type designer

  • Taisiya Lushenko

secret advisor

  • Nikolay Nedashkovsky


  • Anna Potapkina

project managers

  • Anastasia Ulyanova

  • Veronika Yankovskaya
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