Stages:  First Second

The making of the Mir card promo website

• Process

Starting with a slogan.

Thinking what real objects waiting for the new card might look like.

Trying to find a way to demonstrate the national scale of the payment system. Cards will be produced by many banks with various designs. Deciding to create a rotating card which will have a new design each time it rotates. Using photographs of Russian nature for sample card backgrounds.

Assembling a video for presentation to the client.

The client approves the concept. Starting production and launching all processes at the same time. Modelers work on the final 3D scene. The technologist writes scripts based on the frames of the concept.

Going through photos made by the most prominent travelers in the studio. Choosing photos and applying them to the mock-ups.

The designer works on the internal pages. Technical designers prepare graphics and static renders.

Rendering the 3D scene several times over, adding it to the website, searching for the optimal number of frames, fixing bugs and making adjustment to the animation dynamics.

Order a design...