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    The making of the Mir payment system website

    Overview• Process

    Thinking how we can continue to tell the story. Deciding to talk about the payment system from the point of view of its partners and members.

    mir promo2 1
    Considering ways to make the concept more visually appealing. Suggesting to start the story with a large image of the Mir card and make it smaller as the page is scrolled. The final screen will be a photo of a bank representative holding the card with a quote about the payment system.
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    Preparing a video presentation and demonstrating to the client.

    The client approves the concept. Creating guidelines for the photos.

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    Defining a list of banks whose representatives will appear on the main page. Inviting them to the studio and taking photos.

    mir promo2 5

    Preparing final images of the cards and creating mock-ups of the main page.

    mir promo2 6

    Drawing internal pages.

    mir promo2 7

    The client asks to change the concept of the main page by shifting the emphasis from banks to the payment system. Deciding to calmly introduce the system and its capabilities by showing that the short name represents an entire country.

    Sketching the structure of the main page and showing to the client.

    mir promo2 9

    Receiving feedback. Not enough information about the card. It would be great to include announcements of upcoming events and promotions. For example, starting this summer Mir cardholders will be receiving special bonuses and privileges at various events.

    Gradually changing the page.

    mir promo2 10

    Thinking how we can tie the history of the system with previous events.

    No, too much noise. We better show only upcoming events on the main page. We get the idea to add objects related to the event that are tied to the Mir brand.

    mir promo2 12

    Putting together a video and showing to the client.

    The client likes it but after internal discussions asks to make some changes. We need to combine the top block with information about the card, decrease the size of the events and promotions block, make the terminal look more modern and fix a couple of other things.

    Sketching ideas for the new design of the top block.

    mir promo2 14

    Deciding to show the vastness of our country inside the card itself.

    Making the events and promotions block more compact and showing everything to the client again.

    mir promo2 16

    The client approves. Sending the page for typesetting. Taking photos and drawing graphics for the new terminal, preparing images for the events section and rendering a transparent card for the header.

    mir promo2 17

    Despite changes to the main page, we try to keep the card animation. Suggesting to move it over into the For Banks section and combine with existing content.

    mir promo2 18

    Noticing that some of the banners always remain highlighted even though new members join the system every day. Ultimately deciding that it would be best to move the page to the Members section as a way to introduce reviews of the system.

    mir promo2 19

    Refreshing the events page.

    mir promo2 20
    Coming up with error page design.
    mir promo2 21
    mir promo2 22

    The Important To Know page contains a lot of new terms which are hard to understand in the FAQ format. Deciding to combine the help section with a glossary and show term definitions on separate cards.

    mir promo2 23

    Filling the For Business page with up to date information for business owners.

    mir promo2 24

    The new content is mainly technical information which is why it’s important for us to make each block more fun by inserting some useful graphics. The Security section will include a list of many elements, connecting them graphically to specific parts of the card.

    mir promo2 25

    Emphasizing the loyalty program.

    Showing various types of Mir cards at the end. We want to bring them to life, to add the ability to look at them from all sides to see all differences. Estimating the position of the cards on the page and preparing a 3D model and textures for the technologist.

    mir promo2 27

    Adding the result to the website. Setting up lighting and animation.

    mir promo2 28

    Fixing bugs and preparing the announcement.