The making of the Mirel cake packaging

Overview   Process  

Customer: We need an entirely different cake packaging design.

Piece of cake.

mirel process 01


mirel process 02

— No. We’re looking for a world-class solution.

mirel process 03

— Still not what we want. Can we see the rest of the drafts?

Grading the options.

mirel process 04

How about folding clear sheet plastic into a dome, instead of using a mold?

Crafting life-size models.

mirel process 05

— Show us some photo-realistic models with cakes and everything.

mirel process 06

— How the top portion locks onto the base and what supports the cake?

mirel process 07

— Let’s look at the folded sheet dome and the mold side by side.

mirel process 08

— What if we used the existing tops?

mirel process 09

Various tops and bottoms in different combinations.

mirel process 10

— Show us the assembly process for each type of packaging.

mirel process 11

— How does it load on a euro pallet?

mirel process 12

Building a life-size mock-up.

mirel process 13

Receiving a production sample.

mirel process 14

Order a design...