The making of the Miss Russia website

Overview   Process  

Starting off by analyzing the website’s audience. Boiling it down to a few main groups and constructing model users that determine the website functional core.

missrussia process 01

Coming to a conclusion that each phase of the contest calls not only for a different front page, but also for a different key model user. First stage, call for entries, is all about the potential contestants and requires the optimal environment for filling in and submitting the application. Shortly before and right after the final show it’s important to focus on the contest’s spectators and provide them a communication platform. The days of initial and the final rounds are to give all the details about the current status to the press.

Initiating the concept search with the motto: the participants are the stars of the website and the main attention magnet. Placing them up front.

missrussia process 02

The concept is ok. Searching for the color scheme.

missrussia process 03

Too bland. Trying to set the finalists against backdrops of breathtaking views of the regions they represent.

missrussia process 04

It’s simply not in the same league with the contest. Looking for something of the appropriate scale. Adding the flag and success story of the current Miss Russia.

missrussia process 05

Too busy. Need to trim it down.

missrussia process 06

The shape is not the problem, but we need to get rid of the rigid black in favor of a softer look.

missrussia process 07

Bingo. Presenting to the customer. Learning that the design turned out too formal. Instead, we must take women’s magazine as inspiration and render it more colorful and feminine.

missrussia process 08

Nope. Need to make it feel more youthful and appealing to girls age 13–15.

missrussia process 09

Approved. Moving on to building prototypes for all standard pages.

missrussia process 10

Drawing several versions of the front page to reflect different stages of the contest.

missrussia process 11

Deciding it’s important to draw more attention to the crown. Preparing a separate promo page in dark tones.

missrussia process 12

Preparing clear and pretty pictograms for the application form to communicate to the potential contestants what’s out of limits.

missrussia process 13

Consulting with our technologists, drawing and completing the online fitting room, giving girls the chance to try on the crown.

missrussia process 14

Sending the materials to the typesetters. During the process, coming across an idea of pumping up the chic factor by throwing in a parallax effect.

Fixing the bugs with the technologists and art director.

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