• Graphic design
  • Mito
  • The making of the Mito charging station logo

    Overview• Process

    We want Mito to have a simple and lively logo. Looking at what already exists.

    mito logo process 01

    Coming up with our own designs.

    mito logo process 02

    The art director chooses three and asks to typeset them with the studio’s logo and copyright information on a tiny label. Showing to the client.

    mito logo process 03

    The client chooses one.

    mito logo process 04

    Clarifying the amount of the text the label has to include: there’s a lot of information, so the label has to be larger. Typesetting and showing to the art director again.

    mito logo process 05

    AD (dissatisfied): All of them are bad. Your task is to create a nice nameplate, not a label for a Soviet radio.

    Typesetter (struck by realization): Oh!

    mito logo process 06