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    Content provided and updated by MK staff

    [The work is in the museum]

    Problem. Make it the least similar to traditional newspaper websites.

    Moskovsky Komsomolets website is different from what other newspapers have—here well-informed people meet to share facts and discuss problems.

    Sections may fold in a zig-zag fashion or unfold several screens wide

    Articles for the site are submitted by professional journalists and ordinary readers who have something to say. It’s a real time preparation of a newspaper issue.

    All blogs starting with N

    MK staff and readers create personal blogs, leave comments and evaluate each others materials. Articles are sorted by date, popularity or key words.

    Beta version of the site was launched 3 months before the final site.

    Release date: April 03 2007


    artistic director
    art director
    technological director
    beta tester

    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Natalia Shtelmachenko and Victor Nuzhny for their contribution to the project

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