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    [The work is in the museum]

    Mobile Center is one of the leading mobile equipment and services vendors in Moscow. The site provides detailed information on what major mobile and paging service providers offer to their customers. There is an e-store, where you can select and buy a fashionable gadget, and tariff tables to help you estimate your cell-phone spending.

    Optimised for mouse scrolling

    According to the new concept, any page content fits the screen with block nesting well displayed. It’s a nice example of how to make beneficial use of frames.

    You can also messages pagers and phones, or enable sending reminders.

    Release date: October 27 1999


    art director & designer
    Artemy Lebedev
    Konstantin Morshnev
    Aleksandr Petrosyan
    technical designer
    Yury Matrosovich
    Andreyka Lechev
    Lyudmila Khomyakova

    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Yuri Surganov, and Vasily Bogdanov and Alexei Turkin of Mobile Center for their contribution to the project

    Typeface: Web Design

    Only legal software was used in this project

    Website operated under Linux using Apache

    This website not only introduces the company and its business, but provides regular information about mobile services and prices, latest phone models and new mobile technologies. E-store offers for sale a wide choice of devices also allowing customers to select the most favorable tariff plans.

    It was a pleasure to work with the Studio whose staff were eager to establish fruitful cooperation with Mobile Center and proved highly professional in design.

    The company greatly appreciates their contribution to the online advertising campaigns ran by Mobile Center this year.

    We would like to express our gratitude to the Studio for the masterful support they provide for the site»

    O. B. Skoredov,
    Senior Advertising Manager

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