Mondrianum desk organizer

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Task: Give a practical touch to classics.

“No longer does the artist, craftsman, or in some cases the designer operate with the good of the consumer in mind; rather, many creative statements have become highly individualistic, autotherapeutic little comments by the artist to himself. […] These misguided attempts to transfer the two-dimensional paintings of Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg into ‘home furnishing’ have parallels today.”

Victor Papanek. Design for the Real World

This design was inspired by one of Mondrian’s paintings. Mondrianum box is divided into twenty different size sections. The narrowest three are not as deep as the rest.

Release date: December 21 2006


art director
Mondrian, Piet. Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue and Black. 1921. Oil on canvas. 59.5×59.5 cm. The Hague, Gemeentemuseum.

With slide glass cover

Dimensions: 40×40 cm. Materials: wood, color plastic, glass.

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