The making of the Monokanal logo

Overview• Process

Client: We record voiceovers for video games, video clips and virtual reality objects, compose music, offer music composing, interface audio design, sound recording, mixing, mastering and audio restoration services. In the nearest future we are planning to start working on sound design of urban environment and objects that interact with people as well as record the making of videos for each project.

We would like the logo and the corporate identity to visually reflect the fact that we work with sound using the latest digital technologies, multichannel surround sound and virtual reality. It would be great to show sound graphically in a new and fresh way, without resorting to any of the tired images (spools, tape, cassettes, pianos, guitars, notes, speakers, microphones).

Making the first sketches.

monokanal process 1

Art director: Number 1 is nice.

Designer: What if we build the logo out of dots that can arrange themselves into different patterns as if by the force of sound? This is inspired by experiments with water and sand that create various patterns on a surface after being subjected to sound waves of various frequencies.

monokanal process 2

Art director: Go ahead.

Coming up with dot patterns.

monokanal process 3

Choosing the primary image and preparing it for release.

monokanal process 4

Sending the files to the client.