Moscow navigation panels (concept)

Overview   Process  

Task: to improve city navigation.

A breakthrough in city navigation was recently developed in our studio. The new concept provides interaction on a completely new, intimate level allowing you to experience the city in a fresh and enjoyable way. The see-through information panel functions as a city navigation object as well.

moscow navigation historic lighting

A line of LEDs runs along the plastic top

moscow navigation historic small stand

The frame is made of powder-coated steel profile

The front panel has a location “anchor” telling you exactly what you are looking at

These navigation panels help you grasp your surroundings: simply find a text block related to a city object you seek, than look through the corresponding cylinder at the proper angle to locate that place.

framework lt
framework rt
framework lb
framework rb

Sandwiched between two sheets of extra heavy-duty glass sit cylinders pointed at different city objects—be it a historical site, public restroom, or metro station—within sight of a navigation panel.


artistic director and designer
art director
industrial designers

All texts come in Russian and English

moscow navigation mount 01

Budget version uses glue for the glass block

moscow navigation mount 02

Glass spider fitting

moscow navigation mount 03

A discreet joint

For newer city districts we’ve prepared a different design: one-legged and with a bigger panel which is easier to produce and fits the modern environment better.

moscow navigation modern big stand
moscow navigation modern small stand
moscow navigation modern angle

Double up the number of panels per location to increase the information density

moscow navigation modern standing girl 02
moscow navigation modern man
moscow navigation modern sittinggirl
moscow navigation modern centerman

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