The making of the Moscow logo

Overview   Process   Vector  

Designer: I started the search.

moscow logo process 01

Art director: None of it excites me right now.

Designer: Like a people relations diagram and a firework.

moscow logo process 02

Art director: Unclear.

An M-spring or a spiral, meaning development of the city, a cycle of events and the Universe.

moscow logo process 03

Art director: The spiral would work well in the design of a phone book. Or as a binding shop logo.

moscow logo process 04

Art director: Let’s try it like this: ✭ Moscow.

After all, that’s how it’s always been marked on maps. Like the capital of the world.

moscow logo process 05

Art director: I would go with Number 1 and polish it until it shines. It’s simply placing the star symbol from any typeface before the word.

moscow logo process 06

Art director: The first one is OK. But the typeface is not.

Searching for better faces and experimenting with the shape of the star.

moscow logo process 07 1

Nothing works. Searching further.

moscow logo process 08

Art director: The one with a single star on the left has my approval.

moscow logo process 09

Art director: Perfect.

Having decided on the shape of the star, we create a matching typeface.

moscow logo process 10

The art director picks one of the options. Developing the chosen draft.

moscow logo process 11

Looking at it in different sizes.

moscow logo process 12

Order a design...