Moscow navigation stands (concept)

Overview   Process  

Task: to improve city navigation.

An entirely new way of city navigation was developed at the studio. A transparent information board acts as a navigation stand.

moscow navigation historic lighting

The upper plastic element holds an LED strip light

moscow navigation historic small stand

The housing is made of hollow steel sections coated with powder paint

The frontal panel contains location reference

Navigation stands help pedestrians navigate the surrounding city objects. All they need to do is find a hint on the panel, look at the cylinder at the right angle, and the appropriate object will be easily seen.

framework lt
framework rt
framework lb
framework rb

Inside the hardened glass panel are cylinders pointed at various objects that can be seen from where the stand is located: landmarks, Metro entrances or public toilets.

Release date: April 16 2012


artistic director and designer
art director
industrial designers

All Russian texts are also given in English

moscow navigation mount 01

Glued-in insert as a cheaper assembly option

moscow navigation mount 02

Spider assembly

moscow navigation mount 03

Hidden assembly unit

In newly developed areas we recommend installing a single pole stand with larger screens: it is easier to manufacture and blends into the modern landscape better.

moscow navigation modern big stand
moscow navigation modern small stand
moscow navigation modern angle

Twin panels increase information density of each stand

moscow navigation modern standing girl 02
moscow navigation modern man
moscow navigation modern sittinggirl
moscow navigation modern centerman

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