• Graphic design
  • The making of the Moscow parking meters design

    Overview   Process  

    We start by trying out the graphics.

    Maybe illustrations will work better?

    Art director: that’s too cool for the beginning: most of the people haven’t even seen a parking meter before.

    Turning back to previous concepts. Adding graphics and details.

    Still, it looks better with a pattern. Drawing metaphors, informative pictures, placing technical signs.

    Simply throwing elements around is no fun. We think up an endless line that will connect all objects together.

    Receiving a mock-up of the keyboard from the manufacturer.

    Redrawing the keys and meditating on the layout.

    Art director: Go with the one with white buttons.

    Rendering the parking sticker.

    Still busy working, we get notified that stickers won’t be used in the interface. Preparing the files and sending them for printing.

    Getting the first results back: the rouble sign is printed wrong, the payment sticker is moved far too low.

    Making corrections and preparing the announcement.

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