Moscow outbound routes improvement standards album

Album of standardized solutions for complex improvement of the territory of Moscow outbound routes (PDF, 213 MB)

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Task: to design a guide on improvement of Moscow streets that would set an example.

Release date: October 05 2015

Outbound routes are streets that connect the center of Moscow with major external highways leading to other cities. Apart from car traffic, radial avenues provide for pedestrian transportation: they accommodate public transportation stops, major city objects and parks. In order to increase the comfort and safety of outbound routes, state enterprise GlavAPU has developed standards for their improvement that will be used for planning new streets and renovating existing ones. An album presenting standardized solutions for improvement of outbound routes in Moscow was diligently created at the studio.

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Chapters are separated by half titles

Five types of functional planning sections are distinguished on outbound routes depending on their purpose and patterns of use. Each chapter is dedicated to one of the types.

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Beginning of a chapter

Each section is further subdivided into zones based on the functions they perform.

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Zone icons

Sections can include pedestrian zones, traffic maintenance zones, skyline shaping zones and dividing strips.

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Cross profile zoning of an outbound route

Development of the standards involved analyzing the existing issues and suggesting relevant improvements.

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Opening on the issue of pedestrian and cyclist safety

Rules and recommendations are illustrated with informative diagrams.

moscow street guides 88 89
Plan of a pedestrian zone in a linear section
moscow street guides 116 117
Bicycle lane layout

Rules for paving, planting of greenery, lighting, placing of auxiliary and other objects are provided for each zone.

moscow street guides 120 121
Combination of various pavement types in a pedestrian zone
moscow street guides 122 123
Plans for interconnection of different pavement types

The album includes information on various types of pavement and paving patterns.

moscow street guides 148 149
Pavement patterns

Sections devoted to greenery contain recommendations on selecting and planting trees, shrubs, lawns as well as their classification.

moscow street guides 182 183
Classification of trees and shrubs by crown shape

Principles for lighting arrangement are illustrated with detailed plans.

moscow street guides 242 243
Pedestrian zone lighting in a linear section

Principles for placement of auxiliary objects—benches, trash cans, fencing, trade pavilions, toilets, ticket kiosks—are covered separately.

moscow street guides 230 231
Opening on placement of auxiliary objects in a pedestrian zone

The album is intended for investors, city planners and university students.

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chief typesetter
project managers
The album was created under the guidance of Moscow chief architect S. Kuznetsov
Authors: G. Belyaev, A. Guk, D. Sadkov, O. Sadalskaya, A. Bogodaeva, S. Volchkova, P. Klimov, N. Makarova, V. Neplyueva, A. Odintsov, I. Tsvetkova, L. Tsivilyuk, G. Yushin
With participation of: T. Guk, Y. Frolova, O. Vilken, Y. Zancheva.

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