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Task: to organize street navigation in Moscow and develop recommendations on its improvement and development.

Street signs indicate the location of important city objects, organizations and landmarks. They are made in the form of either free-standing structures or panel brackets for mounting on lighting and utility poles. The signs contain the name of the object in two languages, its pictogram, address and walking time in minutes. To simplify typesetting and make comprehension of long official names of state organizations easier, universal rules for their abbreviation were created. All texts on the signs are typed with the Direct-Mos typeface—a modified version of the Direct typeface created specifically for navigation.

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moscow pedestrian navigation sign objects
moscow pedestrian navigation sign streets

Besides the traditional blue background of the signs, a new brown one was proposed to visually separate cultural objects. Pictograms are used as a secondary navigation element. They convey the message even to those who do not know the language, as well as improve legibility of information from a distance, in bad weather conditions, in low light and so on, as their optical density is higher than that of text.

Release date: April 04 2014


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Еrken Kagarov
another art director
Timur Burbaev
Bogdan Kravtsov
Iskander Mukhamadeev
Mark Rodionov
Sergey Steblina
Egor Zhgun
Aleksey Sharshakov
Mikele Daneluzzo
type designer
Ksenia Erulevich
Aleksey Dorokhin
Aleksandra Sviridova
Katerina Andreeva
project managers
Natalya Moskaleva
Larisa Melnikova
Andrey Dyakov
The studio wishes to thank deputy chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow Tatiana Guk for her faith, comprehensive support and direct participation in the project

Typefaces: Staromoskovsky and Direct-Mos

moscow pedestrian navigation icons set
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The whole system of city street navigation is based on strict and coherent graphic principles. Some elements are common for all media: color scheme, typefaces and pictograms, positions of direction arrows. Unified layout allows to easily identify signs as elements of the navigation system and provide for their comfortable use, reducing the time needed to understand the logic behind the system.

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