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    Overview   Process  

    Task: to design a lively company brochure.

    Mosenergo heats most apartment and public buildings in Moscow region and employs thousands of people. The company needed a lively, colorful brochure. A set of 11 postcards was designed in the studio.

    mosenergo postcards
    Postcards are packed in an envelope

    The postcards differ in style and design—there are vertical, horizontal, one-page, two-page and pop-up postcards. Each postcard illustrates one aspect of the company’s business.

    Release date: October 31 2011


    art director
    package designer
    secret advisers
    project manager
    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Natalya Silivonenko for her understanding and assistance with the project
    mosenergo what is this
    What Mosenergo is
    mosenergo story
    How a student became a chief engineer

    New employees need to know about career opportunities, work safety, company’s structure and its employment policy.

    mosenergo prof language
    On technical jargon
    mosenergo understand slang
    And how to understand it
    mosenergo safety
    On power plant employee safety

    Those employees who work in the office will find it useful to learn how a combined heat and power plant works:

    Postcard with a CHP plant scheme

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