Mosenergo posters

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Task: To draw people's attention to safety rules.

Mosenergo is one of the world’s largest energy suppliers. It includes 15 hydroelectric stations and power plants that provide Moscow city and the region with 70% of all energy used. In our studio we’ve prepared a series of posters to help employees of heat stations and hydroelectric stations to avoid health risks at work and promote a safe environment. Our posters discourage super-hero bravery and encourage serious consideration of possible accidents and how to avoid them.

mosenergo poster berushi
If you have to yell, the noise level is harmful. Use ear plugs
mosenergo poster blizkie
Your dear ones hope you'll be careful and cautious
mosenergo poster risk
Endangering people—risking your freedom
mosenergo poster phone
Protect yourself and others by reporting all safety violations
mosenergo poster naryad
Issue a work order—take responsibility for peoples lives
mosenergo poster bum
Crack! Now you wish you'd harnessed
mosenergo poster pozhar
Ignoring fire safety you are playing with fire
mosenergo poster tok
Electricity has no mercy
mosenergo poster zona
Safe zone ends here
mosenergo poster sgorel
Burned [out] at work—forgot to put on hardhat, gloves, boots
mosenergo poster kaska
No hardhat—no bonus

Release date: January 18 2011


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