Design for the Water and Sewer Connection page on Mosvodokanal website

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Mosvodokanal connects buildings in Moscow to the city’s water and sewer infrastructure. The special page on Mosvodokanal website goes over the process, lists the documents required and explains how to get started.

The previous version of the page was incredibly complex: visitors were greeted by a dense block of text that was a mishmash of quotes from legislative acts, tariff rates and links to PDF documents. Few could read it to the end without tears in their eyes.

The page was redesigned at the studio using the styles of the company’s current website.

The new page goes over the stages of getting connected to the city’s infrastructure. The steps are arranged in the order of priority, from the most to the least important.

The “Apply at the Mayor of Moscow website” button is highly visible as this is the first step that needs to be taken to get connected to water and sewage.

A video explaining all stages of the process in only a minute and a half was also created.

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