Markov Processes International website mock-ups

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to create mock-ups for a website.

Markov Processes International develops software for investment companies that helps calculate business risks, distribute assets and make weighted investment decisions. A laconic website for the company was designed at the studio.

Investment company websites always look the same: boring, with a white and blue color scheme and the invariable chart as a background. The stylish red and black website of Markov Processes International stands out in this bland range. The leitmotif of each page is minimalist chart illustrations drawn with thin lines.

mpi mainpage

The products and services navigation page draws the most attention: it is completely red with an endless carousel of reports created by Stylus, the company’s primary software, running on the side.

mpi products

Each solution offered by the company is illustrated with its own chart. The shape of the charts is repeated on covers and is revealed when pages are scrolled.

mpi screen

For the company’s main product family, Stylus, a long page with various standard solutions and a dynamic cover was created.

mpi stylus

To make sure the website is easy to update and grow, an extended lorem ipsum page was created. It is adapted for several screen resolutions and contains guidelines for creating animations.

artistic director

art director



project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Andrei Toropov and Ilya Ivanov for their help with the project
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